The CLADDAGH FEST returns for the fourth year to Ameno (NO), in the evocative setting of Lake Orta! Three unforgettable days of live Irish music, Celtic market, historical re-enactment, workshops, activities, games, stages, conferences, exhibitions and much more! ☘️☘️☘️ Free entry! ☘️☘️ ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????̀ 29 ????????????????????????????????????17:00 apertura mercatino celtico e stand di liuteria folk19:30 – apertura […]

From the streets of the village to the paths of the Quadrifoglio

To encourage the discovery of the village of Ameno in its most diverse aspects, as part of the Ameno Quadriborgo project, the DragoLago association will propose a series of walks of different types that will touch on the naturalistic, gastronomic and cultural aspects of the town! The first appointment is for Sunday 23 July: a […]

Create Peace with the Environment

Lama Michel Rinpoche (IT) We live in an interdependent reality where every interaction leads to profound transformation. To live in peace with ourselves and with the environment around us, it is necessary to understand the importance of peace, to desire it deeply and to do what is necessary to achieve it. As Lama Gangchen Rinpoche […]


Everyone can witness the creation of the Mandala. The mandala, symbolic representation of the purified universe, is the home – in plan view – of a tantric divinity and therefore a meditative path. Starting from the prayer ritual, the artist monks create the drawing which they then complete, with the help of small funnels and […]