Everyone can witness the creation of the Mandala.

The mandala, symbolic representation of the purified universe, is the home – in plan view – of a tantric divinity and therefore a meditative path. Starting from the prayer ritual, the artist monks create the drawing which they then complete, with the help of small funnels and scrapers, with the colored sands. The colors of the mandala first of all represent the five natural elements and each symbol has a particular meaning for which this creation is considered a ritual of purification of the environment, healing and accumulation of positive energy. The vision and construction of the mandala is a profound meditation, which has a great impact on the mind by transforming it. When the mandala is completed, tradition calls for it to be destroyed to symbolize the transitory nature of the phenomena. At the end of the dissolution ceremony it will be distributed to the participants to bless the places where it will be kept.