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Ameno Municipality

Ameno is a village of 884 inhabitants located on the hills along the southeastern shore of Lake Orta.

Its territory covers an area of 10 sq km, characterized by an urban nucleus of pre-Roman origin which largely preserves the original layout and by extensive natural areas modified over time for agricultural use.

The most evident feature of Ameno is the diffusion of green areas with its buildings, a contiguity and continuity of the urban and extra-urban components which create a landscape and cultural asset as one whole.

The local municipality has been engaged for years in countering the impoverishment of the architectural context and the phenomenon of urban voids by supporting concrete actions for the recovery and re-functionalization of urban spaces. In 2014, a significant development intervention was also completed in the naturalistic area with the configuration of the ” the Quadrifoglio footpaths”.

The "Ameno Quadriborgo" project is curated by:

Fondazione Cross has been active for years between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta in the field of live entertainment. During 2021 and 2022 it organized various events in Ameno within the CROSS Festival, its own contemporary dance and performing arts festival, as well as a cycle of artistic residencies, within the CROSS Residence, aimed at professionals in the performing arts

The DragoLago association is active in the field of education in nature and in the creation of active citizenship courses. It annually organizes summer camps in nature within the UNESCO MAB Reserve, between the towns of Ameno and Bolzano Novarese. In 2021 it activated an environmental civic education course on the Sentieri del Quadrifoglio with an annexed laboratory exhibition; also from 2021 it organizes the Letture Amene festival, with the aim of bringing families and younger people closer to the world of reading.

The Mastronauta association has been promoting a program of artistic residencies since 2010, in the context of the CARS project, and since 2017 has organized several group exhibitions in Ameno. In 2022 it oversaw the activation of an OUTDOOR GAME in the Monte e Mesma Nature Reserve and promoted the ALIMURGIC PATH within the blue ring of the Quadrifoglio footpaths. Since 2020 it has also been promoting creative workshops related to the Calderara Foundation, in the hamlet of Vacciago di Ameno.